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Customer Protection and Anti-Fraud Policy

Buyer Protection

You may have been directed to this page because you placed an order with us and received a message for a request for documentation. You're also probably wondering who Signifyd is.

Who is Signifyd?

As our company sells high value electronics, we are subject to some of the highest fraud rates of all industries. We know as well as anyone how terrible it can be to have a credit card stolen and used online by a thief. In order for us to combat this fraud, we have employed Signifyd to verify the authenticity of the credit cards used to place orders on our website.

We're Protected by Signifyd

Signifyd generally approves orders upon the customer checking out. A small number of orders are held back for further review, and any orders that appear to be at a high risk of fraud are denied.

Your Order Has Not Yet Been Processed

Unfortunately, some legitimate orders may find themselves as denied as well. When orders are denied, we first reach out to the customer via email and request copies of documents that match the billing information used for the order.

If your order is being held, we simply need to collect some documents from you to verify that your purchase is legitimate, and then we'll send your products to you straight away!

Please Send Us Proof of Identification

If you've been asked for documents, then you may simply reply to the email you received (ensuring that it was received from an email address on our domain name) provide us with a picture, screen shot, or fax of any number of the following:

  • Driver's license / Permit
  • Passport
  • Bank /PayPal Statement
  • Charge from StreetSaw
  • Government / Military ID

Possible Reasons Why Your Order Was Held

While we cannot go into too much detail about this, orders are held for various reasons. The most common reasons that an order is held are typically related to the following:

  • Shipping and billing address mismatch.
  • Distance from IP location far from billing address.
  • Order was placed using anonymous proxy or VPN to disguise location.
  • Email address looks suspicious and has no history in the database.
  • Some information entered was incorrect, such as wrong CVV number.

What We Do Upon No Response or Refusal to Send

If no response is received for several days, we dispatch another email asking for this information. If we still do not receive a response, then we call the phone number given with the billing information and request the documents. If we are unable to reach anybody, or the customer refuses to produce the requested documents to us, we cancel the order.

Cancelled Orders & Chargebacks Result in Submission to Anti-Fraud Database

When a customer is unresponsive or unwilling to submit documents to us that prove their identity, we note and record this with Signifyd. The same is true for when a chargeback is placed against our company. The information obtained regarding the order is then placed into Signifyd's database for use by thousands of other online merchants such as ourselves.

This information sharing effort is what drives the crowdsourced anti-fraud platform and allows online merchants to make wise decisions when deciding to approve or decline incoming orders. Information that is collected for every order includes, but is not limited to:

  • Full Name
  • E-Mail
  • E-Mail Domain
  • Age of E-Mail Since Order
  • Shipping Address
  • Billing Address
  • Phone Number
  • IP Address
  • IP Domain
  • Distances from Addresses
  • Mobile Carrier IP Address
  • ASN Carrier
  • Browser Information
  • Payment Account Number
  • Notes From Order

Fraudulent Orders Result in Submission to Authorities

Per section 5 of our privacy policy, we reserve the right to submit any and all customer information to third-parties, including government organizations, for any chargebacks or fraudulent purchases made through our website. This includes the FBI for fraud, and the IRS for cases which a chargeback is made against us and we do not receive the merchandise back.

Chargebacks and Unreturned Merchandise Results in Submission to IRS

Did you know that if a chargeback is made on an order which merchandise was shipped out and tracked as delivered, but the merchandise is not returned to us that this would legally be declared as “additional income” for you and your business during the year in which you placed the chargeback?

If made a false chargeback and did not send the merchandise back to us, we will use IRS form 1099-A, which will show the IRS that the the retail value of the product became income for you and bad debt for our company.


We know that the Internet can be a tough place to do business sometimes, and that goes for both the consumer as well as the merchant. When dealing with high value merchandise such as ours, these anti-fraud steps have become a necessity.

The easiest way to get your order processed is to simply show us that you are a legitimate customer. Your cooperation substantially helps us out in processing your order in a timely manner, and avoids the pitfalls of being mistaken for an actual fraudster.

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