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White Hoverboard for Sale

White hoverboard is a favorite color by many enthusiasts and also one of the most commonly produced hover board colors. You may also want to buy white hoverboard accessories from us as we keep them in stock as well. Each model listed below is available in white.

White Hoverboard

The white hoverboard was once nothing but an idea - a figment of someone’s imagination, a scene out of a movie.

Now, thanks to science and technology, the motorized skateboard has altered personal mobility in more ways than even its founder had anticipated.

And it’s gone a step further - the white hoverboard offers a level of convenience and multi-functionality that no other form of transport has ever come close to achieving.

In light of its many features, it is not difficult to imagine why this gadget has taken the world by storm.

It’s convenience is unsurpassed and it’s insane popularity will give testimony to that.

But like many others, you want to know what’s beneath the surface.

What’s behind the hoverboard craze and should you get in on any of that action?

We’re committed to giving you these answers.

In this guide we’ll cover:

  • The Difference Between The Hoverboard & A Typical Segway
  • Why The Hoverboard Is Superior To The Full-Sized Segway
  • Your Options In Selecting A Hoverboard
  • Is The Hoverboard Safe For Children?
  • A Few Safety Tips For Young Hoverboard Riders
  • 22 Fun Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do On Your Hoverboard
  • Everything You Should Know Before Buying A Hoverboard

Let’s get into it.

How Does The Hoverboard Differ From A Typical Segway

Self balancing scooter, electric skateboard, smart board - the hottest tech on the market has picked up quite a few names.

Some people believe it to be synonymous with the segway. After all, they’re both two-wheeled, motorized personal transports.

But that’s where the similarities end and the differences begin.

Yes, the hoverboard can be considered to be a mini Segway or a subset of the Segway technology. However, it diverges from a full sized Segway in both aesthetics and function.

It is a self-balancing board that uses sophisticated sensors to process your own body movements in order to cause it’s wheels to move. It does not have control panels or any other peripherals that can be used to move the device in a particular direction. The hoverboard is completely hands free. On the other hand, the typical Segway has manual controls and handlebars to influence movement.

White Segway

Why The Hoverboard Is Superior To The Full Sized Segway

While there are a few other devices on the market than can be used for personalized travel, the hoverboard is the most noteworthy for the following reasons:

  1. It is less bulky -  The hoverboard is smaller and much more compact than the Segway. This makes it more portable and convenient for use in any setting. Weighing just over 20 pounds, it can easily fit in a bag, carried over long distances, and be ready to use on the go. This feature has been proven useful for those who want to take their hoverboard to work or school. Conversely, the Segway takes up quite a bit of air space which makes it difficult to carry around.
  1. It has greater maneuverability - Due to its small size, the hoverboard is more adroit at navigating tight spaces and curves. It can be ridden indoors and in other places that are pressed for space. The self balancing technology also adds to the manner in which it glides easily across surfaces and in between spaces.
  1. It has a more futuristic look - It is undeniable that the hoverboard looks infinitely cooler than any other personal mobility device out there. Consisting of nothing but two wheels and two connected foot pads, it features a very minimal and modern look.
  1. It is more affordable - A typical full-sized Segway costs several thousand dollars. The price points can range anywhere from $6000 - $8000, depending on the model that you select. The hoverboard is invariably cheaper, with a standard model costing just about $400.

Both of these devices run on electricity so carry no maintenance costs. The cost benefit analysis can best be determined by the price of purchase as well as the usefulness of each scooter. In that regard, the hoverboard emerges on top.

Is The White Hoverboard The Only Option?

Not at all.

Yes, white is pristine and boasts the sort of minimalistic appearance that many people desire. But, the available options are diverse ranging from different colors to different models.

In fact,