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White Hoverboard for Sale

White hoverboard is a favorite color by many enthusiasts and also one of the most commonly produced hover board colors. You may also want to buy white hoverboard accessories from us as we keep them in stock as well. Each model listed below is available in white.

White Hoverboard

The white hoverboard was once nothing but an idea - a figment of someone’s imagination, a scene out of a movie.

Now, thanks to science and technology, the motorized skateboard has altered personal mobility in more ways than even its founder had anticipated.

And it’s gone a step further - the white hoverboard offers a level of convenience and multi-functionality that no other form of transport has ever come close to achieving.

In light of its many features, it is not difficult to imagine why this gadget has taken the world by storm.

It’s convenience is unsurpassed and it’s insane popularity will give testimony to that.

But like many others, you want to know what’s beneath the surface.

What’s behind the hoverboard craze and should you get in on any of that action?

We’re committed to giving you these answers.

In this guide we’ll cover:

  • The Difference Between The Hoverboard & A Typical Segway
  • Why The Hoverboard Is Superior To The Full-Sized Segway
  • Your Options In Selecting A Hoverboard
  • Is The Hoverboard Safe For Children?
  • A Few Safety Tips For Young Hoverboard Riders
  • 22 Fun Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do On Your Hoverboard
  • Everything You Should Know Before Buying A Hoverboard

Let’s get into it.

How Does The Hoverboard Differ From A Typical Segway

Self balancing scooter, electric skateboard, smart board - the hottest tech on the market has picked up quite a few names.

Some people believe it to be synonymous with the segway. After all, they’re both two-wheeled, motorized personal transports.

But that’s where the similarities end and the differences begin.

Yes, the hoverboard can be considered to be a mini Segway or a subset of the Segway technology. However, it diverges from a full sized Segway in both aesthetics and function.

It is a self-balancing board that uses sophisticated sensors to process your own body movements in order to cause it’s wheels to move. It does not have control panels or any other peripherals that can be used to move the device in a particular direction. The hoverboard is completely hands free. On the other hand, the typical Segway has manual controls and handlebars to influence movement.

White Segway

Why The Hoverboard Is Superior To The Full Sized Segway

While there are a few other devices on the market than can be used for personalized travel, the hoverboard is the most noteworthy for the following reasons:

  1. It is less bulky -  The hoverboard is smaller and much more compact than the Segway. This makes it more portable and convenient for use in any setting. Weighing just over 20 pounds, it can easily fit in a bag, carried over long distances, and be ready to use on the go. This feature has been proven useful for those who want to take their hoverboard to work or school. Conversely, the Segway takes up quite a bit of air space which makes it difficult to carry around.
  1. It has greater maneuverability - Due to its small size, the hoverboard is more adroit at navigating tight spaces and curves. It can be ridden indoors and in other places that are pressed for space. The self balancing technology also adds to the manner in which it glides easily across surfaces and in between spaces.
  1. It has a more futuristic look - It is undeniable that the hoverboard looks infinitely cooler than any other personal mobility device out there. Consisting of nothing but two wheels and two connected foot pads, it features a very minimal and modern look.
  1. It is more affordable - A typical full-sized Segway costs several thousand dollars. The price points can range anywhere from $6000 - $8000, depending on the model that you select. The hoverboard is invariably cheaper, with a standard model costing just about $400.

Both of these devices run on electricity so carry no maintenance costs. The cost benefit analysis can best be determined by the price of purchase as well as the usefulness of each scooter. In that regard, the hoverboard emerges on top.

Is The White Hoverboard The Only Option?

Not at all.

Yes, white is pristine and boasts the sort of minimalistic appearance that many people desire. But, the available options are diverse ranging from different colors to different models.

In fact, StreetSaw offers over 50 varieties of hoverboards as well as customized hoverboard accessories to increase functionality.

You can get to pick from:

White 8 Inch Hoverboards

Still looking for something different?

Apart from color, you can choose distinct hoverboard models with a range of capacities.

Some of the prominent features include:

Light Emitting Diode (LED) Lights - Many of StreetSaw hoverboards, like the DailySaw and the FutureSaw, come with dual front-facing lights that operate with the latest LED diode technology. These lights aid in the rider’s visibility by casting a light of up to 6.5 feet in front of the board.

Built In Bluetooth Speakers - You can pair your hoverboard with the bluetooth connection on your smartphone or any other mobile device. This makes it deal for playing music, either when you’re on the move or even when parked.

Protective Bumpers - This is an optional feature for those looking for that extra layer of protection from scratches and dents. For more inexperienced riders or anyone who’s intending on riding their hoverboards on a frequent basis, this an excellent choice.

Off Road Capabilities - Hoverboards aren’t generally suited for rough terrain and uneven surfaces. However, you can opt for a model like the RockSaw off-road hoverboard which is particularly designed for a more stubborn pathway. There are very few landscapes that it can’t navigate. Beaches, grass, steep inclines, and rocky pavements all prove to be no match for a StreetSaw that is specifically suited for the off road.

Off-Road Hoverboard

Remote Control - Want to control your hoverboard from a distance? Most of our boards are compatible with a remote control that can be used to switch on and off certain features. For instance, you can manage the music player or toggle the speed warning sensor.

Is The White Hoverboard Safe For Children?

Despite the hoverboard being typically marketed as a toy, there are still many reservations as to its suitability for children.

Considering that the smartboard is extremely high tech, this is a fair concern.

But here’s the deal:

The self balancing board is notably popular with children. They’re fun, they’re cool, and they present many opportunities for adventure. Children as young as 13 years old use them to exercise and to play around their homes.

It’s small size and light weight also make the white hoverboard optimal for a younger age group. Of course, if your child is particularly young, adult supervision is always encouraged.

A Few Safety Tips For Young Hoverboard Riders

While the white hoverboard is safe for all ages, the proper safety measures should be employed when riding. 

Here are some essential safety tips for children:

  1. Choose a riding spot that is free of obstacles - The safest riding route is always the one where there’s not anything to crash into. The less obstacles there are, the less likely children are to be knocked down and hurt themselves. A wide open space makes for a more frictionless ride. 
  1. Practice indoors first - Before going for outdoor adventures on the hoverboard, it is a great idea for children to get the hang of it first by riding indoors. This way they can work on their balance and motor skills in order to get ready for an outdoor riding experience.
  1. Select a hoverboard that is specifically built for children - There are hoverboards that are distinctly designed for children. They are typically smaller and may have other child-friendly features like lower speed capacities and LED lights to aid visibility. Our KidSaw Hoverboard is one such example.
  1. Ensure that speed sensors are on at all times - Many hoverboards come with a speed sensor which detect the speed at which the hoverboard is moving and give a signal when it has surpassed a set speed. This feature can be switched on and off so it’s best to ensure that it stays on, particularly for children. This way, they are made aware when they’re approaching a speed that may too dangerous for comfort. 
  1. Spare no effort when it comes to safety gear - We cannot emphasize enough the importance of taking precautionary measures. Helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, and other safety gears should always be put on before riding the hoverboard.

These safety tips can prove handy for all hoverboard riders but they’re especially relevant for children.

22 Fun Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do On Your Hoverboard

You know that lethargic feeling that takes over you when you run out of things to do?

Or worse, that sense that you’re not even scratching the surface of life?

Well, there’s no shortage of fun activities that you can do with your hoverboard. Some of them are a unique twist on regular day activities and some are quite unconventional.

Either way, you’re destined to have a great time. 

Here are 22 awesome ideas in case you need some inspiration:

    • Use your hoverboard as a boombox. With built in bluetooth speakers, you can connect your smart board to a mobile device and run through your playlist. Whether you’re on the move or decide to take a hiatus for a while, you can do so while listening to your favorite tracks. Bare in mind that not all hoverboards have bluetooth capabilities so be sure to select one that has that option.
    • Visit your local park.  Hop onto your hoverboard and take a cool ride to the park, have a picnic, chill with friends, and enjoy good conversations. The self balancing scooter is even more convenient for commutes like these than a bicycle.
    • Spin around in circles. If you really want to experience the hoverboard in its entirety, it would be an injustice to simply go back and forth. This two-wheeled, super gadget can rotate in a full 360 degrees, so why not?
Film a cool video.You have full creative leeway with this one. Film a video from a time lapsed perspective and show it to your friends. If you have a YouTube channel, this a great way to spruce it up your video content. Your subscribers will love it. After all, they get to live vicariously through you.
    • Set up a hoverboard race with your friends.  We’ve seen how fast these smart boards can go. What’s a better use of its speed than a good, old-fashioned, race war? Depending on the model, the StreetSaw can go up to 10.5 mph so you certainly have the capacity. Remember that whether you’re speeding or not, safety gears should be put on without fail.
  • Organize a hoverboard meetup. Unsurprisingly, hoverboards make for a great conversation starter and a way to meet new people. Find out if there’s anyone in your area with a hoverboard and arrange a meetup. You guys can do cool tricks together and exchange stories.
  • Take your hoverboard to work.The office will never be as fun as when you bring your board to help you get ahead of your workload. People from all different professional backgrounds think it’s an excellent means of increasing productivity and reducing the strain of strenuous physical labor.


    1. Walk your pets. What happens when your dog needs to be walked but you’ve caught the lazy bug? The solution is as easy as getting onto your board and cruising alongside your pet. That is the sort of convenience that you get with the hoverboard.
    2. Do yoga on your hoverboard. In know you’re thinking, “yoga is already a balancing act and now you’re suggesting I do it on a balancing board?” Bad idea? Okay, this may not be the best idea for the amateur hoverboard rider but if you’ve got some radical skills, go for it.
    3. Go to a skate park. Notice how incredibly skateboard-like the hoverboard is? Take your board to the skate park and unleash your inner Tony Hawk. The recreational environment coupled with the cool landscape will make for a fun time.
    4. Play golf on your hoverboard. For those interested in golf, this is guaranteed to be a hit. For those who aren’t that fond of this club and ball sport, there’s no better way to jazz up the experience than to play while balancing on a hoverboard. Be sure to select a board that is designed to glide on a grass surface.
    5. Have a hoverboard dance-off with your friends. When this video of young girls dancing on their hoverboards to Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” went viral, it became clear this is a great idea. Pick your favorite hit song, put together your best choreography, and have a dance battle among your friends. Better yet, film it and judge each other’s moves. You may not even need sophisticated choreography to hop on this trend, just sway from side to side.
    6. Go shopping - Whether you decide to go to the mall or the grocery store, your hoverboard will prove to be very useful. Just be sure that if you decide to go to the mall that it’s actually legal. Hoverboards are banned in some shopping centers but it’s a fun thing to do nonetheless.
    7. Go on a hoverboard date - Have a hot date coming up? Not sure where to go or what to do? Going for a hoverboard ride is just as venturesome and amusing as going go kart racing. Pick the right scenery and it can even be romantic.  
    8. Have a workout session - Exercising on the hoverboard is one of the trends that is sweeping over YouTube at the moment. People are quickly realizing how handy the self balancing scooter is in a gym setting. It’s definitely not a stand alone workout but it can supplement your regular routine.
    9. Go sight seeing - I imagine the most beautiful scenery would be made even more captivating while gliding on a hoverboard. Weighing a mere 20 plus pounds, you will have no trouble carrying your hoverboard to your favorite spot to enjoy the views.
    10. Play polo - While polo is typically played on horseback, the hoverboard can make for an intriguing substitute. Form your teams, make your own rules, and see where this fun twist on a popular game takes you.
    11. Have family time - Looking for a unique family bonding exercise? Need a diversion from the everyday humdrum of life? Hoverboarding is an amusing activity that is suitable for all members of the family. Children and adults can learn to ride with ease while enjoying each other’s company.
    12. Hoverboard off-road challenge - While hoverboards aren’t particularly suited for off road surfaces, there are specific models that you can get for that purpose. Get a group of friends and family, organize into teams, and see who can navigate the rough terrain the best.
    13. Attach a hoverboard cart to your hoverboard and carry surfboards to the beach - Who said hoverboards aren’t equipped for chasing waves? Well, you won’t literally be surfing with your board but you can attach a cart to transform it into a practical carrier.
    14. Do something spooky - The futuristic and ethereal look of the hoverboard makes it ideal for having some creepy fun. Perhaps dressing up as a heroic Jedi Knight while slowly gliding into the crisp night air? Let your imagination guide you on this one but there’s definitely room for some eerie entertainment on your hoverboard.
    15. Use your hoverboard to mow your lawn - This is quite a stretch from playing dress up but it lends to how multifaceted the hoverboard is. Be sure you have a model that will best navigate the topography of your lawn. It will ease the burden of pushing the lawnmower and you will be done in half the time.
    16. Make a hoverboard fail compilation - Sometimes the best pleasures and the most hearty laughs lie in life’s many failures. The hoverboard is no exception. You and your friends are bound to have an innocent mishap every now and then. Film yourselves and compile your hoverboard fails to watch at a later date or share with the world. Don’t be taken aback if your video goes viral. Hoverboards tend to have the virility factor.

    Everything You Should Know Before Buying A Hoverboard

    I bet, at this point, the hoverboard has caught your interest.

    You’ve seen all that it can do and you’re thinking about taking that leap.

    The experience is just too legendary to pass up, right?

    Well, before you make that ultimate choice to buy a hoverboard, here’s everything that you need to know about owning one:

    1. You don’t need special talent to ride a hoverboard

    At first glance, the hoverboard looks a bit tricky to operate, doesn’t it?

    It only has two wheels, no handlebars to hang on to, and no manual controls whatsoever.

    But that is, in effect, the beauty of the hoverboard. It looks like a complex gadget but every component is designed to be effortless.

    Don’t be mistaken, to achieve a pro rider status on the hoverboard requires some practice but it is not at all a complicated process. The technology is designed to ease the riding experience and reduce the effort required on the rider’s part. As long as you have a solid grip on your body’s balance and coordination, your job is essentially complete.  

    2. Not all hoverboard brands are created equal

      Since its viral release, the hoverboard has gotten its share of polarizing reviews. Some people are in love with it and some, not so much.

      What can possibly be responsible for these miscellaneous views of the smart board?

      It’s quite simple - some hoverboard brands are superior to others.

      As with any beloved product, there are more knockoffs and defective hoverboards on the market than there should be. These substandard models are not safe and are less durable.

      The great news is, it’s not that difficult to spot a fake hoverboard versus a genuine one manufactured by a trusted company. Here’s how you can tell the difference.

      3. Hoverboards are eco-friendly

      If you’re looking for an environmentally sustainable mode of personalized travel, look no further.

      The hoverboard is battery operated and rechargeable. Unlike automobiles that run on gasoline, it does not release any toxic gases or chemicals into the air.

      Not only is it safer for the environment in general, but it is healthier for your immediate surroundings.

      4. Hoverboard riding is governed by law

        You’re wondering, “what business does this tiny gadget have with the law?”

        Turns out, the hoverboard is considered to be a legitimate means of transportation and is regarded as such by the law in many places.

        In California, for example, there’s an age limit of 16 years old, a mandate to wear a helmet, and you can only ride on a street where the speed limit is under 35mph. There’s also a fine if these regulations are violated.

        The laws are dependent on your specific state, so you would have to check your local laws to know what rights and restrictions you have when riding your hoverboard.

        5. A hoverboard can save you money

          The hoverboard is a low maintenance means of transport. Using it to commute to work, school, and other places of business can save you the astronomical cost of  transportation. We all know how much bus fares and the cost of maintaining a regular automobile can add up to.

          6. It doesn’t actually hover

            Some people seem to have qualms with the the fact that a gadget called a “hoverboard” doesn’t actually levitate any distance above ground.

            But, just because the motorised skateboard does not defy gravity, doesn’t mean that it isn’t accurately termed. It is the fastest, most high tech device of its kind.

            There are boards that float in the air, like the Arcaboard, but unless you have a cool fifteen grand to spare, the hoverboard is your go-to model.

            7. You can customize your hoverboard

              With the sheer volume of brands and models of the hoverboard that are out on the market, there’s certainly not a lack of personalization. In addition to the range of styles and colors that hoverboards come in, you have a lot of creative freedom to tailor its design to your liking.

              Simple, low-budget, DIY projects can be done at home to achieve the look that you want. There are many sites online where you can find unique and affordable ways to you can customize your hoverboard at home.

              8. UL Certified hoverboards are safest

                Safety is one the issues at the forefront of the hoverboard technology. As it is battery operated, users want the satisfaction of an electrical system that is stable and sound for daily use. The UL2722 certification is the new safety standard as declared by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

                Before this certification was introduced, hoverboards were’nt as safe as they are now. While all manufacturers, importers, and retailers are mandated to only release certified hoverboards on the market, the onus is still on you to ensure that when purchasing your hoverboard, it meets this standard.

                UL 2272 Certified

                9. Hoverboards are forbidden in some places

                  Over the last two years, there has been a crackdown on hoverboards due to their perceived safety issues.

                  They grew to popularity so quickly that many cities banned their use on sidewalks and other public paths. These bans have largely emerged from cities that are very densely populated like New York and London.

                  Several college campuses have also forbidden the use of hoverboards on their grounds.

                  Additional places where they may be banned are:

                  • Airlines
                  • Commuter trains
                  • Public events
                  • Public roads and pavements
                  • Malls
                  • Locker rooms and stadiums

                  Of course, this does not apply to every single country or city so be sure to do your research.

                  10. Celebrities love them

                    The hoverboard was popularized on the big screen by the movie “Back to The Future” and continued to be promoted by many rappers, athletes, and reality stars. Mike Tyson, Kendall Jenner, Justin Bieber, and Wiz Khalifa are among the celebrities who have given currency to the hoverboard tren