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Hoverboard Battery Replacement

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Table of Contents

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  1. Best hoverboard batteries
  2. Why hoverboard batteries stop working
  3. Upgrading to a safer battery
  4. Hoverboard battery types
  5. How to install a hoverboard battery
  6. Common hoverboard battery problems
  7. Hoverboard battery specifications
  8. Hoverboard battery compatibility 
  9. Hoverboard battery safety

Hoverboard Battery Replacement

The best hoverboard battery replacement is one that is made using Samsung or LG cells. Many people mistakenly refer to a battery made this way as a Samsung hoverboard battery or an LG hoverboard battery. However, neither of these companies actually manufacture hoverboard batteries. Instead, a manufacturer purchases the cells of these companies and builds a hoverboard battery pack from them.

We currently stock batteries packs made using Samsung cells and LG cells. They are both high-quality replacement battery cells for a hoverboard to work again.

Hoverboard Battery Not Working?

There are many reasons why a hoverboard battery is not working all of a sudden. Having performed hundreds of repairs to hoverboards, we have found that the main culprit behind a broken hoverboard battery is related to two things:

  1. The use of a cheap or unreliable hoverboard battery.
  2. The use of a cheap hoverboard charger.
  3. Not using or charging the hoverboard battery frequently enough.

Upgrading to a Better Battery

If your hoverboard is more than one year old then we recommend upgrading to a new hoverboard battery. This is especially true if the hoverboard is cutting off while riding.

You may open your hoverboard and see a blue, green, or gray battery inside. This is a common battery type but better options do exist. The best hoverboard battery for sale is the black hoverboard battery with the hard plastic shell.

You might look at your battery and wonder if the black hoverboard battery is compatible. The quick answer is yes, it is compatible. The long answer is that new hoverboard batteries underwent some changes to the design to make them safer.

The changes made to hoverboard battery design is that the battery is now enclosed in a hard plastic mold, has upgraded sensors inside, and also has the positive and negative wires heat-shrank together. This prevents you from lodging screws into the wires, causing a potentially dangerous situation.

If you're wondering if the black hoverboard battery will fit where the blue hoverboard battery was, then answer again is yes it will. When you're installing the new hoverboard battery you can also throw away the black battery bracket, as it is no longer needed. We do recommend that you recycle the old lithium-ion hoverboard battery. 

See the image below to look at the upgrades from an older battery to a new hoverboard battery.

Replacement Hoverboard Battery Comparison

Hoverboard Battery Types

There are many different types of hoverboard batteries. While we simply cannot keep up with them all, we can touch on a few of them here.

Black Samsung Battery

This black battery is manufactured using Samsung lithium-ion cells. Reports have shown that consumers believe Samsung battery packs make the best hoverboard battery available. The Samsung hoverboard battery is said to have the best durability and to be the longest lasting.

With its ultra-performance design, this battery is a perfect fit for riders who need to depend on their battery for uses such as long-distance trips, grounds security, valet, etc.

Basic Black Hoverboard Battery

The basic black hoverboard battery uses a battery cell made by a domestic factory in China. It is still rated higher than other battery types but may not have as much durability and use-time as the Samsung cell batteries. A great battery if you don't need to depend on your hoverboard lasting over 6 hours.

The basic black hoverboard battery pack is housed in a hard black plastic casing. You can see an example in the product images.

RockSaw, Halo Rover, EPIKGO Hoverboard Battery

The best off-road hoverboards use the best hoverboard battery, which is the HY-BSE-1002U battery. This battery is rugged in all senses of the words, and has been specifically crafted to fit into top hoverboard models such as the following:

  • RockSaw Hoverboard
  • Halo Rover Hoverboard
  • EPIKGO Hoverboard

If you own an EPIKGO, Halo Rover, or RockSaw hoverboard and need a replacement battery, then the HY-BSE-1002U battery is the one to get.

Blue Shrink-Wrapped Hoverboard Battery

Blue shrink-wrapped batteries are the most common battery for hoverboards that people recognize. They typically come in blue heat-shrink materials, but the material can sometimes also be gray or green.

The physical difference in appearance between the regular hoverboard battery and the black hoverboard battery is the difference in housing and the heat shrink that goes over the positive and negative wires. The black hoverboard battery also does not require a separate battery bracket to hold it in.

Blue Hoverboard Battery with Basic Cells

The best value battery replacement for hoverboards is our basic battery. These batteries use domestic cells inside of them and are a great option for those who need a cheap hoverboard battery replacement and are on a budget.

The basic hoverboard battery pack is wrapped with blue shrink wrap and contains domestic Chinese 18650 battery cells inside of it.

Blue Hoverboard Battery with Samsung Cells

The Samsung hoverboard battery is known to be the safest battery that is wrapped in shrink wrap. A great option if you're looking for a safe hoverboard battery but you're on a budget. These batteries are manufactured by many companies, who then use Samsung battery cells inside to power the 36v 4.4Ah li-ion battery packs.

The Samsung hoverboard battery pack is usually blue in color and contains genuine Samsung cells. We also have a battery model that is housed in a black shell.

JETECH 25.2v Lithium-Ion Battery

This is the battery replacement you need as a direct replacement for battery model JT-BC204.

Jetech 25.2v hoverboard battery replacement.

Jetech E490509 Hoverboard battery.

Jetech E4828090509 Hover Board battery.


We've had a couple of people order our battery, but have it not fit because they have a version that is smaller than the traditional 4AH we sell. Make sure to check before ordering or feel free to ask us and we'll let you know. The one on the left is the size we have in stock while the one on the right we DON'T carry.

Swagtron T3

Swagtron T3 Smart Lithium Battery

Any of our basic blue, LG blue or Samsung blue batteries would be a suitable replacement for the Swagtron T3 battery. We do suggest ordering a hoverboard battery cage when replacing a battery that does not have one.

Refurbished Batteries

We sometimes have batteries returned to us or they sit on the shelf a bit too long and need to be recharged using a special method. These batteries may have had a defect at some point in time and been repaired. They are cheaper, but most likely won't last as long. The 90-day warranty does not apply to refurbished merchandise. You can view the warranties for them on our warranty page at the section about used and refurbished hoverboard batteries.

How to Install a Hoverboard Battery

Installing your new replacement hoverboard battery is relatively simple, and anybody that's fairly handy should be able to handle the task. We have a full-length repair guide on how to install a hoverboard battery here on our website.

We also created a video on how to test your battery with a multimeter to verify you need a new one. 

Common Hoverboard Battery Problems

During the explosion in the popularity of hoverboards around Christmas of 2015, many manufacturers in China were rushing to sell as many hoverboards as they could. Retailers across the world, including in the United States, gobbled them up as cheap and as quickly as possible.

China soon realized that they could include cheap common Chinese batteries in their hoverboards to save on costs. Unfortunately, these hoverboard batteries had problems, causing many fires to happen due to these batteries.

The solution to a bad hoverboard battery, such as the Chinese batteries, is to replace it with a battery that uses branded cells such as Samsung or LG battery cells. We also don't mind the Panasonic battery cells either. 

Hoverboard Battery Explosion

Since as early as 2015, there have been several reports of hoverboard batteries exploding around the world. Although the odds of encountering a hoverboard battery explosion are actually quite slim, we still strongly suggest using a Samsung hoverboard battery or an LG hoverboard battery. This is especially true if you're doing a replacement.

Using a branded hoverboard battery gives you that peace of mind that the product is high quality, and high quality is the only thing we will sell to our customers.

Despite many theories, a hoverboard battery explosion is actually caused by cheap batteries with defective cells being used inside of them, coupled with cheap hoverboard chargers this is a recipe for disaster. (Get a safe hoverboard charger here).

Dangerous Chinese Battery Video

Here is a video of what the inside of a potentially dangerous "Common Chinese Battery" looks like. Make sure to only buy Samsung hoverboard battery or buy LG hoverboard battery!


Hoverboard Battery Type: Domestic, Samsung & LG
Technology: Lithium-Ion Battery
Voltage: Hoverboard battery 36v & 25.2v
Capacity: Varies by model: 2.0 Ah up to 4.4Ah  Power: 75W up to 158W 
Cut-off voltage: 26V 
Maximum Voltage: 42V
Structure: 10S2P & 10S1P
Internal Cell Size: 18650 Lithium Ion
Max. discharging current: 30amp 
Max Continuous Discharging Amperage: 20 Amps 
Rated Discharging Amperage: 15 Amps 
Charging Current: <5 Amps 
Charging Voltage: 43.2 Volts 
Dimensions: 133mm x 60mm x 85mm 
Net Weight: 970g 
Run time: 10-12miles (Depends on weight and road condition) 
Lifecycle: > 95% capacity after 600 cycles.
Certifications: Multiple Certifications

Compatible Replacement Hoverboard Battery

Our hoverboard batteries are universal for most hoverboards. We are 100% certain that our batteries will work as replacements for the following battery models:

  • HPK-07 (E482809)
  • GB/T 18287 2000
  • Yanang YY/10S2P/18650/2.2A
  • Jiangxi First New Energy Model XCY10S2P (Cells: FST18650BE-2000mAh)
  • HY-BSE-1002US (10INCMR 19/66-2)
  • HY-BSE-1002U
  • Elitop HY102SP
  • Swagtron SentryShield for T3 (GP-S91-466590-010L)