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Hoverboard Motor, Wheel, Tires, and Tubes

New hoverboard motors for sale in all sizes. The motor is located inside of the wheel itself. Each wheel is composed of a rim, tire, motor, and a mount by which wiring from the motor travels through a series of blue, yellow, and green hall wires that connect to the hoverboard circuit boards.

Replacement hoverboard motor, wheel, tire, and tube parts are some of our best sellers 10-inch hoverboard motors that are usually wrapped with inflatable tires and tubes.

How a Hoverboard Motor Works

A hoverboard motor is powered through the main logic board via a powerful lithium-ion hoverboard battery, which pushes resistance in a specific manner so as to hold its rider steadily.

Each motor has a wattage rating of between 250 watts (250w) to 400 watts (400w), with the most common size being 350 watts (350w) prior to 2018, and 250w going into 2019. The purpose of the difference in wattage is most likely the companies that manufacture hoverboard motors wanting to save money on the expensive raw materials inside, such as copper.

Hoverboard Wheel Size

There are various different sizes that a hoverboard wheel is made, each having a different purpose.

6.5 Inch Hoverboard Wheel

The most common size for a hoverboard wheel is 6.5 inches. While most 6.5-inch hoverboard models resemble that of our very own DailySaw model, the widest variety of hoverboard styles can be found in this wheel size.

8 Inch Hoverboard Wheel

The 8-inch hoverboard wheel is less common than the 6.5-inch hoverboard wheel, but is most known for its use in what many call the "Lamborghini hoverboard." The Lamborghini model most likely came from the fact that, at the time, it had the bigger wheels, and a lot of flat lines (resembling the look of a Lamborghini). 

8.5 Inch Hoverboard Wheel

An 8.5-inch hoverboard wheel was created as an off-road specific motor, built to handle all-terrain riding. This 8.5-inch hoverboard motor has a power rating of 400 watts (400w) and is the most powerful motor for hoverboards ever created. Shortly after manufacturers built these off-road motors for hoverboard models like the StreetSaw RockSaw, Halo Rover, and EPIKGO, they also began to develop a limited run low-profile version with monstrous slick wheels (which are very hard to find).

Note: If you're going to buy an 8.5-inch hoverboard motor, make ensure that your hoverboard has a 36v or larger battery pack. The sheer power of these massive motors will likely be overloaded by some of the smaller circuit boards hitting the market in 2019 (such as the new 25.2v hoverboard battery)

10 Inch Hoverboard Wheel

10-inch hoverboard wheels are very popular for people who wish to enjoy a smoother, softer ride. This is mainly due to the 10" x 2.125" tires and 10" hoverboard tire tube that is first mounted inside each wheel.

10" x 2.125" Hoverboard Tire

The tire that surrounds the 10-inch hoverboard motor measures 10" x 2.125" and is hollow inside. This allows for the rider to install a (necessary) inner tube, providing for a smoother ride.

10 Inch Hoverboard Inner Tube

A 10" hoverboard inner tube is installed inside of the 10" x 2.125" hoverboard tire, allowing for its rider to adjust the PSI levels in the inner tube for a ride that fits the level of comfort they desire. Sometimes you'll find that this innertube pops, or has blown a leak. In these situations you can easily buy a new 10" hoverboard inner tube; replacement only takes about 15 minutes and requires simple tools like flathead a couple of screwdrivers.

Hoverboard Motor Wattage

350 Watt Hoverboard Motor

The 350w hoverboard motor is a standard size motor that typically comes in the full range of hoverboard sizes (6.5-inch, 8-inch, and 10-inch). At the beginning of 2019, many companies began reducing the size of the motors for 6.5-inch hoverboards from 350w down to 250w in an effort to cut costs and pass them down to consumers. If you want an adult hoverboard, we highly recommend you avoid anything smaller than the 350w motor.

250 Watt Hoverboard Motor

The 250w motor didn't really make its way into the market until the hoverboard market evolved for a few years. There was talk about it in the earlier years, but we never once saw a 250w motor in our hoverboard repair shop until probably 2018. These motors are noticeably smaller and noticeably lighter in weight. The 250-watt motor was built with the premise in mind that most hoverboards are ridden by kids. Most kids who ride hoverboards are only 60 to 120 pounds on average, even though the average maximum weight for a hoverboard is 220 to 265 pounds.

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