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Cheap Hoverboard for Sale

Cheap hoverboards allow customers to get their first hover board at a discount while still providing great value. View our clearance hoverboards for sale.

A cheap hoverboard is what dreams are made of…

We’re talking, of course, about the hoverboard. While this self-balancing scooter has taken the markets by storm, it seems to be out of the reach of many.

If you’ve ever looked into actually purchasing a hoverboard, you may have noticed that it will cost you hundreds of dollars.

Some hoverboards even cost upwards of 1K and that’s money you may not want to spend on such a luxury.

But you know what? If you want a hoverboard, you should be able to have one.

And you can…

The budget-friendly options exist and this guide will walk you through them.

Here’s what we’ll dive into:

  • How Much Does A Hoverboard Cost?
  • Who Is A Budget-Friendly Option For?
  • 5 Times When Going Cheap May Not Be The Answer
  • Striking The Perfect Blend Of Cost Effectiveness & Durability
  • 15+ Tips For Purchasing A Cheap Hoverboard
  • Our Top Pick For A Budget Friendly And Safe Hoverboard

How Much Does A Hoverboard Cost?

Let’s talk about what most people really want to know.

How much does a hoverboard cost? Can you afford it? And is it worth your hard-earned money?

There are several dichotomies in the market that can influence pricing:

  • Wholesale versus retail
  • Clearance versus regular-priced
  • Refurbished versus brand new
  • Feature-rich versus the standard model
  • Enhanced performance versus the standard model
  • Niche-tailored hoverboards versus generic models

Let’s look at these in detail and how they influence what you may be expected to pay for your hoverboard.

Wholesale Versus Retail ($160-$225)

There are several wholesalers who offer hoverboards in bulk quantities. The prices can be anywhere around the $160 range. Purchasing your hoverboard in retail can cost you between $200-225. It’s important to note that you will probably not get a quality hoverboard for this price unless its a mini hoverboard.

The Pros

  • Cheap price - With wholesale, you can get your very own hoverboard at a price that is significantly below the average cost.

The Cons

  • No quality control - There’s no way of ascertaining the quality or authenticity of the hoverboard that you’re getting. You may very well be getting a counterfeit product as this is not unusual for retailers based in China.
  • A bulk purchase makes no sense for individuals - Unless you’re hoping to set up a hoverboard shop or start giving away hoverboards, purchasing in bulk is just about useless.

The Verdict

  • It’s not worth the risk - If you can confidently verify the legitimacy of the manufacturer, go ahead. Otherwise, it’s not worth spending money on a product that won’t live to see the break of dawn.

Clearance Versus Regular Priced ($300-$400)

It’s becoming more and more possible to find a quality hoverboard for about $300 at clearance or through other special offers. Not too far off from that price point, you can get a standard, regular-priced model at about $400.

The Pros:

  • Great quality mixed with affordability - You can be the proud owner of a well-crafted hoverboard at a very attractive price point.

The Cons:

  • The time investment - To find a hoverboard at clearance price can take some time, patience, and keen investigation on your part. These special offers may be restricted to a specific time period or event. You would have to do your homework to be on top of that information.
  • No additional features - LED safety lights, Bluetooth speakers, remote control, and speed sensors are all features that may be exempt from a standard model.

The Verdict:

  • Go for it! - If you stumble upon a standard hoverboard model of quality proportions at a clearance rate of about $300, you’ve hit the jackpot. That is only if the extra features don’t play a significant part in your decision.

Refurbished Versus Brand New ($250-$300)

Some companies have trade-in programs where their customers can turn in their used hoverboards for a new one. These hoverboards are then inspected, refurbished, and resold at a discounted price.

The Pros:

  • Get a budget-friendly hoverboard - If you are particularly strained for cash, this is an excellent way to get a functional hoverboard for cheap. 

The Cons:

  • Condition - Most hoverboards will have a somewhat tainted appearance whether it be scratches or dents from having been used.
  • Limited choices - It’s safe to assume that the refurbished hoverboards won’t be the choicest of them all. The color and style options will be restricted to what’s been traded-in.
  • Reduced life span - The refurbished hoverboard may not last as long as an otherwise brand new hoverboard would.

The Verdict:

  • If you have no other options, this is your best bet - In the event that you unequivocally and definitively cannot afford a new hoverboard, a refurbished hoverboard can certainly work for you. Simply ensure that the product you’re getting is functional and authentic. If aesthetics matter, you can always spruce up the exterior on your own with a hoverboard skin.

Feature-Rich Versus a Standard Model ($500-$600)

Do any of the following scenarios fit your idea of the perfect hoverboard experience?

  • Glide your board into the crisp night air while still being able to see exactly where you’re going.
  • Blast your favorite tunes while working out or riding your board down the street.  
  • Be alerted by speed sensors when you’re approaching a potentially dangerous speed.
  • Toggle your hoverboard features on and off without having to physically reach down to your board.

To be frank, these ideal scenarios can cost you between $450 and $600.

Is it worth it? If you can afford it, it sure is.

The Pros:

  • Consistently superior quality riding experience - The overall sensation is amplified when you have the luxury of a board that is jampacked with features.
  • Increased safety - Some features like the speed sensors and the lights add extra layers of safety and therefore decrease the risks that come with riding a hoverboard.
  • Multipurpose - There’s a lot more than you can do with a hoverboard that comes with Bluetooth, LED lights, and the other features. It may be better suited for personal commute rather than leisurely pursuits.

The Cons:

  • It’s costly - Unsurprisingly, additional features come with additional costs.

The Verdict:

  • It depends on your selection factors - If cheap is your only motive, you may want to consider a different option. However, if the unique features like Bluetooth matter to you, it is not at all unreasonable to pay a minimum of about $450.

Enhance Performance Versus Standard Model ($700 - $800)

Appealing to the more aggressive, heavy-duty, performance-centric riders, some manufacturers craft their boards with enhanced components.

You can expect:

  • Higher quality battery packs
  • Better  and more powerful motors
  • Stronger frames and chassis
  • More intuitive electric technology
  • Any other component that will enhance the performance metrics

The Pros:

  • Ultimate triage of performance - More speed, range, and power will give you a beast of a machine.

The Cons:

  • Heightened performance comes at a hefty cost - If a hoverboard model promises an increase in performance as compared to a regular model, it will cost you quite a bit.

The Verdict:

  • A standard model from a reputable company can give you the desired performance - Unless you have the money to splurge and a need for greater speed, power, and range than a regular model will give you, this is really not necessary.

Niche-Tailored Hoverboards Versus Generic Models ($800+)

What exactly is a niche-tailored hoverboard?

If you’re somewhat of a hoverboard connoisseur, you may have come across hoverboards that are designed with an ultra-specific purpose in mind.

A perfect example is those tailored for off-road purposes (Like the beauty pictured above).

They will have enhanced features like bigger wheels (8.5 - 10 inches), inflated shock-proof tires (some models), and better motors. Anywhere upwards of $800 is not unlikely.

The Pros:

  • Niche devices are always more effective - If you need a hoverboard for a very specific purpose or to ride a particular type of surface, this is the most effective and durable choice. Another niche hoverboard that most don't consider is a mini hoverboard. While small, they are made for 5, 6, and 7-year-olds.

The Cons:

  • Not as much flexibility - If you purchase a hoverboard that is categorically targeted towards a specific purpose, it stands to reason that it may not necessarily be as effective on other surfaces. (Unlike our RockSaw which is an off-road hoverboard)
  • Costly - As with most devices that are marketed for a niche purpose, you can expect to pay quite a bit for this sort of hoverboard.

The Verdict:

  • It depends on your agenda - In the event that you want a hoverboard solely for off-road purposes, it may be advantageous and even cost-effective in the long run to opt for a niche-specific board. However, if that isn’t your goal, it really isn’t a must-have.

Who Is A Budget Friendly Hoverboard For?

Do any of these cases sound about right?

  1. You’re an intrinsically savvy shopper. Some people naturally love a good bargain and don’t think it’s smart or necessary to pay full price for gadgets.
  1. You’re happy to make the bare essentials work. You will be more than happy to have a standard hoverboard model and all the extra features don’t entice you.
  1. You don’t care about surface things like aesthetics. If you can get a secondhand hoverboard that is functional and authentic, you really don’t care about a few dents and bruises. After all, they can be fixed.
  1. You think a hoverboard will add value to your life but you simply can’t afford it. You really, without a shadow of a doubt, want a hoverboard but you can’t stomach letting go of $400.

We wholeheartedly agree that minimal spending power should not restrict you from owning a hoverboard.

So, if any of the above is applicable to you, then budget-friendly is an excellent and recommended path to take.

5 Times When Going Cheap May Not Be The Answer

The less money you spend the better, right?

Well, not exactly.

There are many cases, as we’ve seen, that call for a cost-effective option.

But there are also cases where going cheap may actually cost you in the long run.

Here are the top 5:

  1. When you’re going cheap only to save in the short term

If you’re certain that you won’t be able to afford a regular priced hoverboard today or a year down the line, by all means, evaluate the cheapest options.

However, it’s not a wise move to purchase a cheap hoverboard simply to ease the burden on your wallet temporarily, only to have it stop working in a couple of months.

The best bet would be to save until you can afford a hoverboard that is worth every penny and that you’re sure will last.

  1. When safety will be compromised

Safety is a huge concern and very important to consider.

For a long time, the manufacturing of hoverboards was not regulated and in many cases, it still isn’t.

Why is this a critical distinction to make?

There is an unimaginable number of manufacturers pumping sub-quality hoverboards through the market.

These are basically safety hazards - disasters waiting to happen.

So, if going cheap means you won’t get a product that is compliant with the appropriate safety regulations, then it’s not a good idea.

Ensure that your board is UL 2272 certified which is a certification that governs the electrical components of the hoverboard.

  1. When cheap means counterfeit

In tandem with the safety risks of cheap hoverboards, there’s also a chance that you may be getting a knockoff of an established brand.

You can avoid this by verifying the manufacturer or retailer and ensuring that you are indeed getting an authentic product.

  1. When the price is too good to be true

If a company quotes you an uncharacteristically cheap price for a hoverboard and the first thought that materializes is “No way”, it’s likely too good to be true.

There are unscrupulous people out there with the sole intention of stiffing you off hundreds of dollars while leaving you with a crap-shoot of product.

  1. When there’s no social proof

Reputable companies owe it to prospective customers to have a visible and verifiable track record of trustworthy dealings.

This is where social proof comes in.

It may be in the form of product reviews, youtube videos, testimonials, articles and blog posts, social media mentions, and anything else that will give you peace of mind.  

Sometimes, it takes thorough research to really get a grasp of the company that you’re dealing with and other times, a simple view of their website will do.

Budget Friendliness And Durability: How To Strike The Right Balance

Who said cheap means crappy?

There’s a lot that you can do to ensure that you get the best bang for your buck.

Hoverboards should be robust, sturdy, and made of durable materials. The authentic models are made of polymer plastics and premium lithium-ion batteries. This means that they can handle over 250 pounds of weight without falling apart of malfunctioning in any way.

It doesn’t matter if you pay a bargain price, you have a right to a functional product that will be handy months and years down the line.

Here’s how you go about securing a great deal:

  1. Conduct a cost-effectiveness analysis

Sounds complicated and geeky, doesn’t it?

In reality, this is quite easy to do.

A full-fledged cost-effective analysis can take some time but for the purpose of choosing your hoverboard, you can simplify it a bit.

A step by step play of how this works:

Step 1 - Select and list the hoverboard models that you’ve narrowed down to fit your budget.

Step 2 - Determine what the point of comparison would be. For example, it can be the most number of features that you can get for a certain price. Or, the highest speed you can get for your set budget. Whatever selection factor is most important to you, use it as your point of comparison.

Step 3 - Measure the outcomes for each hoverboard and select the winner. Whichever board represents your selection factor more forcefully for the least amount of money will be the prior choice.

  1. Only do business with a reputable brand

There’s simply no better way to ensure that you get a quality product.

If a company is known for doing bad business, don’t entertain their offers no matter how cheap.

And by bad business, we mean:

  • Has an unregulated manufacturing process that isn’t compliant with any safety standard
  • Uses cheap and substandard materials
  • Uses a poor quality battery pack to power their hoverboards
  • Has terrible customer service
  • Sells defective products
  • Sells counterfeit hoverboards that masquerade as brand names
  • Has zero or negative social proof either on their website, through social media, or any other online interface

15 + Tips For Buying A Cheap Hoverboard

You know the risks and rewards of getting a cheap hoverboard.

You know when it’s a great idea and when it’s a terrible idea.

If you’ve decided that this is the safe, practical, and ultimately the best path for you to take, we have over 15 tips to help you go through the process.

These will ensure that you encounter as little trouble as possible and to steer you away from costly mistakes.

  1. Set your budget

The first and most important move is to know how much leeway your budget will provide you. We’d estimate that the perfect balance of budget-friendly and quality will be in the range of $300-$400.

If you know how much spending power you have, you are better able to squeeze every ounce of value out of every single dime.

Establishing your ideal price point also allows you to filter your search accordingly, as well as to set your expectations in line with what you can afford.

Which brings us to the second tip…

  1. Set realistic expectations

Because unrealistic expectations lead to disappointments, right?

Fair expectations set the tone for an overall positive experience.

Here’s how you go about defining yours:

  • Understand why you need expectations. A definitive “why” gives you a better context and more willpower to see the goal through.
  • Make these expectations clear. This way you are less likely to go outside of the parameters that you’ve set for yourself which may lead to spending more.
  1. What are the bare necessities

As we’ve discussed in earlier sections of this guide, hoverboards come with a range of unique features and enhanced performance components.

More than likely, budget options won’t come with the bulk of these proprietary features.

And that’s okay because you don’t necessarily need them.

What’s important is that you decide upon what the absolute must-haves are for your hoverboard.

For instance, you may decide that no hoverboard is worth having without Bluetooth or without LED lights. Whatever these absolutes are, take them down as a guide for your purchase.

What can you do without? This is as important as deciding what your deal-breakers are. It will help you let go of any attachment that you have for something that you don’t actually need.

  1. Learn the art of negotiating

This is terrible advice if you’re shopping online as there’s not much interaction with an actual human being.

And you can’t exactly negotiate with a computer.

But if you’re purchasing your hoverboard in store, this just might be your best chance at landing a quality board at a discounted price.

Some genius negotiation tactics that work every single time:

  • Paint the bigger picture. Show the salesperson exactly how a discounted price will be a win-win for both parties by pointing out the value in them landing a sale.
  • Focus on breaking down the barriers from the other side. It’s not about you and what you want but what’s going to help the other party meet you halfway.  
  • Be optimistic but never lose your ability to turn down a bad deal. You need to aim high enough to be confident but have reasonable expectations so you’re not paralyzed by the idea of saying no.
  • Channel your inner Sherlock Holmes. In other words, be a detective by trying to identify anything about the product that may grant you an automatic discount. For example, you can look for dents, scrapes, or any other surface defects.
  • Be assertive but not aggressive. Ask politely and confidently for what you want but don’t be demanding or unreasonable.
  1. Consider a second-hand hoverboard

If you don’t mind a few dents and bruises, target companies with hoverboard trade-in programs. They will have pre-owned hoverboards for sale that have been refurbished to be resold at a fraction of the cost.

Aside from the obvious drawbacks in terms of the condition, this is one of the best budget-friendly paths to take.  

  1. Shop online

In many instances, shopping for your hoverboard online can actually be cheaper than getting one in store. It is up to you to do the necessary research to find out if that’s the case and how to take advantage of it.

  1. Ensure that the manufacturer offers a warranty (and that they actually follow through with it!)

A warranty is a smart safety net to have. It basically guarantees you either a repair, replacement, or compensation in the event that your hoverboard is somehow defective.

They always have conditions and a limited time frame so be mindful of that. The wonderful thing about warranties is that you don’t lose hundreds of dollars if something unexpected goes wrong.

A great example of a company that purported a 1-year warranty but didn't follow through with it is You can read more about how other companies stack up against StreetSaw in our hoverboard review comparison.

  1. Go for a UL 2272 certified hoverboard if possible

The UL 2272 certification is a relatively new safety standard that governs the electrical components of the hoverboard. Try getting your board from a company that has gone through all the safety and performance-based tests that are necessary to earn this certification.

  1. Do a comparative analysis of prices

This can be time-consuming but I think you’d agree that it’s worth it.

Here’s how to go about comparing prices:

  1. Select a few reputable hoverboard companies
  2. Use your budget and list of must-have features to narrow down a few options
  3. Compare prices and select the most attractive one
  1. Functionality over aesthetics

Surface features can sometimes be a luxury.

And if you’re looking for a cheap hoverboard, it’s a luxury that you may not be able to afford.

In that event, always prioritize function over stylistic features. You can do a DIY design job on your hoverboard after you’ve purchased it.

  1. Consider your timing

Sometimes, getting the right price is also about getting your timing right. Companies usually have a clearance or other promotional offers that will allow you to get exactly what you want at below-average cost. So, be on the lookout for when the best time might be and strike then.

  1. Research all possible discounts

Finding little treasures when it comes to budget options is about putting in the work. Check multiple retailers and stores and do the necessary research. You may even have to put your boots to the ground if you’re not using an online retailer.

  1. Take your budget hoverboard for a safety check

This is a precautionary measure for when you’ve made that ultimate decision. You want the assurance that your hoverboard is safe and ready to ride. And the safe bet is to take it to a hoverboard shop or a repair service.

  1. Check for loose parts

Loose parts in your hoverboard is a sure-fire way to know that you’ve been misled into getting a defective product. If you find yourself in this situation where the insides of your board is a haphazard mess, don’t use it and take it back immediately.

  1. Don’t purchase on impulse

The impulse purchase is a cunning snake that can be difficult to kill if you egg it on. It’s based on instant gratification and momentary solutions.

The best judgment is always the one that you’ve taken some time to analyze. A good rule of thumb is to wait several days, weeks, and even months to evaluate and get comfortable with a purchase decision before actually making the move.

StreetSaw’s Top Pick For A Budget Friendly Hoverboard

What if I told you that we’ve already narrowed down the search for a budget-friendly hoverboard for you?

Here at StreetSaw, we have a diversified offering of hoverboards:

The unique features are just as attractive.

But our top pick boils down to three critical factors:

Safety, quality, and affordability.

And the winner is …

The DailySaw 6.5 inch Hoverboard

This is our best-selling hoverboard, a true gem in the market, and the perfect budget-friendly choice.  

It offers all that without compromising on safety and durability.

Here are it’s unique features and benefits:

  • Less than $400
  • 6.5-inch wheels which make it light, compact, and flexible
  • Dual LED safety lights
  • 265-pound weight limit
  • Top speed of 10.5 mph and range of 12.5 miles
  • Powered by a premium Samsung battery pack
  • Power status indicator
  • A maximum slope angle of 20 degrees
  • Battery life of 5-6 hours
  • Waterproof rating of IP54

See the full list of specs here.

Another cost-effective option that we offer is in purchasing a pre-owned refurbished hoverboard.

We’ve already covered the pros and cons of this choice but here’s a recap of its features and benefits:

  • Less than $300
  • Fully functional
  • Top speed of 9 mph
  • 3-5 hours battery life
  • Power status indicator
  • Comes in various wheel sizes to suit you (6.5-inch, 8-inch, 10-inch)

See the details and full list of specs here.

Wrapping Up

We know that prices can be restrictive.  

But we also know that there’s really no reason why you can’t have exactly what you desire.

Perhaps when this high-tech, smartboard was a new kid on the block, a bargain may have been difficult or even impossible to come by.

But the hoverboard is ever more popular. You may think that cheap and quality doesn’t exist in the same world but it is possible.

In fact, getting a durable hoverboard for record low prices has never been easier. If you’re diligent in your quest for the best deal and you use this guide, you will not be disappointed.

The budget-friendly options exist and you have every right to take advantage of them.

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