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Lets be honest, Las Vegas might seem like a small city, but have you ever tried to walk it?

Probably not.

But, since you're reading this page, then maybe you already have and are looking for a Las Vegas hoverboard rental store to make things easier.

You are in luck!

We rent hoverboards in Las Vegas and, get this, we're close to the strip as well.

A quick Uber ride over to us and you'll be renting your first hoverboard in Sin City. We'll show you our selection, go through the ropes with you on how to ride and all that safety stuff you need to know, and get you on your way.

Sounds great right?

Those big buildings seem so close don't they? Try walking to one and you'll quickly realize that you're not gaining on them as fast as you originally thought you would be.

A hoverboard brings you closer to the sights you want to see, and now you can see even more!

Hoverboard Rentals to Choose From

Rent 6.5 Inch Hoverboard

Rent DailySaw Hoverboard from $49.99

The DailySaw is our standard 6.5" model, the most classic hoverboard that most people easily recognize.

Learn more about the DailySaw

Rent 8 Inch Hoverboard

Rent AlienSaw Hoverboard from $59.99

The AlienSaw is our fully featured hoverboard with bright LED lights that glow in fascinating RGB colors.

Learn more about the AlienSaw

Rent FutureSaw Hoverboard

Rent FutureSaw Hoverboard from $69.99

The FutureSaw is the ultimate hoverboard and features the highest clarity speakers of all our boards through its dual high-definition Bluetooth audio capabilities.

Learn more about the FutureSaw

Rent FutureSaw Pro Hoverboard

Rent FutureSaw Pro Edition Hoverboard from $79.99

The FutureSaw Pro Edition is the 8 inch version of the FutureSaw. It features larger wheels, a higher and wider platform for more stability, and is easier to ride around those stubborn sidewalk cracks and gravel.

Learn more about the FutureSaw Pro Edition

Rent 10 Inch Hoverboard

Rent StabilitySaw Hoverboard from $69.99

The StabilitySaw is our 10 inch hoverboard that features inflatable tires. This is the perfect hoverboard rental if you're going to be riding over odd surfaces such as gravel, grass, and uneven pavement.

Learn more about the StabilitySaw

Rent Off-Road Hoverboard

Rent RockSaw Off-Road Hoverboard from $79.99

The RockSaw is our most versatile hoverboard. Made for off-road use, this hoverboard can tackle larger obstacles than any other model is capable of. If you're planning on having an off-road experience, or you just want to try out the best hoverboard rental in Las Vegas, then the RockSaw is a must.

Learn more about the RockSaw


Rent HoverKart

Rent a Hoverboard Kart from $24.99

Just when you thought renting a hoverboard was cool, you scrolled down the page and saw this contraption. What is a hoverboard kart exactly? A hoverboard kart is an attachment that straps onto a hoverboard and allows the rider to sit in the seat and control the hoverboard using their hands and pushing two handles backward and forward. If you're already renting a hoverboard, then you might as well add a hoverboard kart too!

Learn more about the Hoverboard Kart


Rent Off-Road Segway

Rent an Off-Road Chariot (Compare to Segway) from $99.99

If you're dreaming of going on a real off-road experience in Las Vegas, then this is the little bad boy that you've been dreaming of. Our off-road chariot is similar to a Segway, except sports massive 21-inch off-road tires and twin Samsung battery cells that keep this puppy alive for a whopping 42.5 mile range.


Rent a hoverboard in Las Vegas from StreetSaw today!

Call Now to Rent a Hoverboard: 1 (702) 763-7426

Average Shipping Time
*Above figure is estimated. Go to to view current shipping times. Our zip is 89103.

USA Domestic Delivery

All orders will receive confirmation immediately upon purchase. Once the product is shipped out, you will receive an email with your tracking information. Most all hoverboards are shipped via UPS Ground. All other products are either shipped via USPS First-Class, USPS Priority Mail, or UPS Ground.

For all orders made within the United States most orders take between 3 and 10 days to arrive. If you haven't received your product by this time, you may call us at 1-888-HOVER-11 (1-888-468-3711) for status.

If you have not received your order by the 21st day, please contact us and we will gladly open an investigation for you.

Canada Delivery

We deliver to Canada. If you live near a border city, we strongly suggest shipping your order to a receiving company in that city. This is a very common practice, especially for Amazon buyers.

If you do not live near a border city, then we will ship you the hoverboard without a battery, and have the battery shipped to you separately. You may then install the hoverboard battery when you receive both packages. Doing this helps us get your hoverboard to you faster.

International Delivery

International delivery is dependent on the location and availability of the product you have ordered. Hoverboards are sometimes very difficult to handle with the customs of some countries, while other counties are easier.

Almost all international orders are drop-shipped through our main supplier. Due to customs reasons, hoverboards sent internationally will not have StreetSaw branding applied, and will be received in generic packaging with generic paperwork. Again, this makes customs receiving easier for most countries.

View full shipping policy here ->

What is Covered Under Free Warranty

All of our products are backed by our world-class warranty. Should there by ANY manufacturer's defects to your hoverboard whatsoever within 90 days of purchase, we will do everything in our power to ensure your device is working correctly.

The details of our warranty cover any defects in manufacturing that prevents you from enjoying your device. These type of defects include things such as:

  • Hoverboards that won't balance
  • Hoverboards that won't charge
  • Hoverboards that won't turn on
  • Hoverboards that won't won't turn off
  • Loose charger port
  • Hoverboards with red light blinking

View full warranty policy here ->

What is Not Covered

There may be times when things go wrong, but they're not covered. These are generally incidental problems such as:

  • Charger stuck in charging port due to incorrect positioning
  • Hoverboard stops working because it got wet
  • Hoverboard was dropped or crashed
  • Cosmetic abrasions such as scratches, chips, or dents

Extended Warranties Available

If you're concerned that your hoverboard may not last, then we also offer extended warranty protection. This coverage is offered directly by our company, and extends the 90-day warranty to the time that you have purchased. Available extended warranties include the following:

  • 1 Year Extended Warranty
  • 2 Year Extended Warranty
  • 3 Year Extended Warranty

You may only purchase an extended warranty at the same time as you've purchased your hoverboard, or before it has shipped.

View Extended Warranties Now ->

Aside from our stellar premium quality products, people love to buy from StreetSaw for a wide variety of reasons. These reasons include:

Based in United States of America

Unlike a lot of our competitors, we're based in the good 'ol USA. We also stock our inventory here as well, so no worrying about whether your purchase is going to take weeks and be shipped from China.

We are a REAL Store

We're not just online! We have a real legit retail store, and are headquartered in fabulous Las Vegas, NV. You can come visit us anytime!

We REPAIR Hoverboards

We repair hoverboards, and not just StreetSaw brand. We know the ins and outs of hoverboards, unlike big-box retail.

Someone Always Answers the Phone, 24/7

We actually answer our phones, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Just try it, (and then try our competitors): 1-888-HOVER-11

In Business Since 2015, the Beginning of the Hoverboard Craze

We've been in business since the people were going nuts over hoverboards in 2015, and our love for them only continues to grow.

No Recalls & Free Downloadable Safety PDF

We've NEVER been subject to any of those crazy recalls or safety lawsuits. On top of that, we offer all of our visitors an EXCLUSIVE 26-page PDF report about the safety of riding a hoverboard. You can get a copy of our hoverboard safety PDF here.

Our Customers Love Us!

We encourage you to read all of our online reviews! The ones on the next tab over, or on Yelp, on Google, and more!

To read what our customers have had to say about us, click here to open some testimonials.

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