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One of the most common parts people need a hoverboard gyroscope replacement (also known as a balance sensor or attitude board). The hoverboard gyroscope is one of the easiest sensors to replace when you encounter a broken hoverboard that isn't balancing.

Hoverboard Gyroscope Replacement

Just about every hoverboard (except for the really old ones) has two gyroscopes, one for each side of the hoverboard. These gyroscopes are located just below the foot pads and are activated by two small rubber pieces when a person steps onto the hoverboard.

In Depth Article: How Does a Hoverboard Work?

The gyroscopes in a hoverboard contain tiny infrared lights that determine if somebody is on the hoverboard. These infrared lights are interrupted by small rubber pieces that break the infrared connection when a rider steps on the foot pads, thus communicating to the motherboard to go into balance mode.

Sometimes there will be errors with the positioning of these infrared lights, and sometimes there will be an area on the board that simply became "fried" from electricity. Nonetheless, the easiest way to repair a broken balance sensor is to buy a new one and swap it out.

Is My Hoverboard Gyroscope Broken?

The easiest way to tell if your hoverboard gyroscope is broken is to look at the front facing lights on your hoverboard. If one of the lights is on, and that side is not balancing correctly, then you will need to buy a replacement hoverboard gyroscope.

Hoverboard Gyroscope Repair

Fixing a broken hoverboard gyroscope is practically impossible so we suggest just replacing the circuit board itself. This, on the other hand, is extremely easy to perform.

To replace a broken gyroscope on your hoverboard, all that you have to do is get a Philips head screwdriver and have some patience.

Step 1

You're going to first want to flip your hoverboard upside down and open up the side of your hoverboard that isn't working or has the LED light stuck on. Unscrew all of the screws that go into the plastic on that side of the shell and SLOWLY remove it, sometimes wiggling it back and forth to make sure the screws don't catch on the way up.

Step 2

Carefully lift the shell up. There are many wires that are attached to the bottom of the shell and you don't want to pull any of those out or you'll be searching our website to buy hoverboard parts. Once its lifted up safely, go to step 3.

Step 3

Now that you've lifted the shell away, you will want to disconnect all of the clips from the original gyroscope. You can simply pinch these white clips with your hands, or you may use a needle nose pliers to make the job easier.

Step 4

Once you've removed all of the clips from the gyroscope, get your Philips head screwdriver and remove all of the screw that are on located on top of the gyroscope. There's usually no need to remove the screws that are in the black housing as we are going to slide the broken hoverboard gyroscope out from the top.

Step 5

You guessed it, remove the broken gyroscope by sliding it out of the top, wiggling it or applying some light pressure underneath with a flat-head screwdriver if necessary.

Step 6

Slide the hoverboard gyroscope replacement into place and line the holes up with the empty screw holes.

Step 7

Install the replacement gyroscope into the bridge by inserting all of the screws back into place and clipping all of the original clips back into place.

Step 8

Place the plastic shell back on, wiggling it to ensure that the shell lines up properly if necessary. You should now be able to flip your freshly repaired hoverboard right side up and turn it on to test it.

What is the Difference in Gyroscope Colors?

The color of the gyroscope that is used in your board is typically just the preference of color that the manufacturer has. In almost all instances, the manufacturer will only have one main color that they use, so searching for the correct hoverboard gyroscope replacement based on color is a great start to finding the correct one for your application.

Green Hoverboard Gyroscope Replacements (Extremely Common)

Green is the most common color of gyroscopes used in a hoverboard. There are many manufacturers of these and we probably don't even know them all. However, there are some very common companies that make the green hoverboard gyroscopes.

  • TaoTao
  • NJ Yuanlang
  • JKL

TaoTao Hoverboard Gyroscope

When you see a symbol that looks like TT on your gyroscope, that means that its made by TaoTao. TaoTao is the most reputable PCB company in the hoverboard industry, and it wouldn't surprise me if they supply over 50% of all hoverboard companies with their circuit boards, including the gyroscope sensors.

When you buy TaoTao sensors for your hoverboard, you're buying the most common and usually the best sensors available. However, TaoTao uses a wide white clip and socket is only compatible with its own branded sensors, and is notorious for not having cross compatibility like the next gyroscope sensor we are going to talk about.

NJ Yuanlang Gyroscope

NJ Yuanlang is a company based out of Nanjing China that manufacturers circuit boards and gyroscope sensors for hoverboards that are similar in quality to TaoTao. The only real difference is that they are less common and use narrow white clips and sockets to connect together.

NJ Yuanlang is the most versatile PCB sensor company that we're aware of, and their parts are generally cross compatible with most other brands that use this narrow clip style. 

JKL Gyroscope

JKL is a less common gyroscope brand than the two above and we typically see this in the FutureSaw and comparable models from other brands. This is the only brand that we know of that has both a common model, and also a manipulated model where their foot sensors are attached to resistors on the TOP of the gyroscope replacement.

Blue Hoverboard Gyroscope Replacements (Common)

Blue hoverboard gyroscope replacements are fairly common as well, with quality ranging from what we would consider to be good all the way up to great.

The good sensors are the typical first generation circuit board sensors that have two white sockets and a black dongle on them.

The best gyroscope sensors are the latest ones that have been UL certified and include Bluetooth directly on the gyroscope itself. When you buy the best gyroscope for a hoverboard, you can easily add Bluetooth by clipping a speaker directly into the gyroscope.

Here are some common brands and model numbers that we've identified for blue hoverboard gyroscopes.

  • Other Generic Manufacturers

Red Hoverboard Gyroscope Replacements (Very Rare)

When you see red hoverboard gyroscope sensors our recommendation is to replace them entirely.

2-Piece Circuit Board Setup (Old/Rare Now)

Usually the red sensors are comprised of a 2-piece setup from 2013/2014 and are the oldest ones on the market. If you have a 2-piece PCB setup, you'll want to purchase a full sensor bundle from us and replace the motherboard, both gyroscopes, the power button, charger port, indicator lights, and headlights.

3-Piece Circuit Board Setup (Newest/Most Common)

Its extremely rare to find a 3-piece red gyroscope and we do not know of any reputable manufacturer that ever made them in red. The easiest replacement set for these is going to be NJ Yuanlang as the white clips and sockets in red gyroscopes are usually narrow.

Yellow Hoverboard Gyroscope Replacements (Extremely Rare)

Only once or twice, out of the thousands of hoverboards we've repaired here at StreetSaw, have we seen a yellow hoverboard gyroscope setup. Needless to say, these are most likely trash and we recommend a full gyroscope replacement for hoverboards that have yellow sensors inside.

If Fixing Hoverboard Gyrosopes Didn't Work

If the hoverboard gyroscope repair didn't fix your problem then you may want to look into a hoverboard motherboard replacement.

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What is Covered Under Free Warranty

All of our products are backed by our world-class warranty. Should there by ANY manufacturer's defects to your hoverboard whatsoever within 90 days of purchase, we will do everything in our power to ensure your device is working correctly.

The details of our warranty cover any defects in manufacturing that prevents you from enjoying your device. These type of defects include things such as:

  • Hoverboards that won't balance
  • Hoverboards that won't charge
  • Hoverboards that won't turn on
  • Hoverboards that won't won't turn off
  • Loose charger port
  • Hoverboards with red light blinking

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What is Not Covered

There may be times when things go wrong, but they're not covered. These are generally incidental problems such as:

  • Charger stuck in charging port due to incorrect positioning
  • Hoverboard stops working because it got wet
  • Hoverboard was dropped or crashed
  • Cosmetic abrasions such as scratches, chips, or dents

Extended Warranties Available

If you're concerned that your hoverboard may not last, then we also offer extended warranty protection. This coverage is offered directly by our company, and extends the 90-day warranty to the time that you have purchased. Available extended warranties include the following:

  • 1 Year Extended Warranty
  • 2 Year Extended Warranty
  • 3 Year Extended Warranty

You may only purchase an extended warranty at the same time as you've purchased your hoverboard, or before it has shipped.

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