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StabilitySaw™ 10 Inch Bluetooth Hoverboard for Sale

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Our Best 10 Inch Hoverboard

Ships directly from the USA!

Get off the beaten path with the StabilitySaw self-balancing electric scooter! Its large 10-inch tires enable this unique hoverboard to drift over large obstacles, such as rocks and road divots as if they were mere pebbles in the road.

Looking to go off-road? Check out our new RockSaw all-terrain hoverboard!

LED Lights

The StabilitySaw features two sets of energy efficient dual front-facing lights (one set for each side) that all utilize the latest in LED diode technology and cast up to 6.5 feet of light in each direction.

Having four bright blue LED lights instead of two allows maximum visibility for you to see ahead. They also act as safety lights for motorists, bicycles, and pedestrians to see you as well.


Going over something steep? Not a problem! All StreetSaw hoverboards come standard with a premium lithium-ion battery. This enables the StabilitySaw to not only climb steeper inclines but to also last up to 38% longer on a single charge.


With its fully inflatable 10-inch hoverboard tires, the StabilitySaw has no issue with tackling that rough terrain. Take it on dirt paths, grass, hills, bumpy sidewalks, and much more. The StabilitySaw can do it all.

Pump the tires up with the same tire pump as you would use for your bicycle. If you don't have one, you can order one (coming soon) on our website! 

Weight Limit

Being one of our largest and most durable hoverboards yet, it also carries a good amount of weight. Riders of up to 220 pounds can ride the StabilitySaw in total comfort. The inflatable tires give added shock protection for heavier riders as well. The only hoverboard that trumps this weight capacity is the FutureSaw Pro.

[VIDEO] Unboxing & Off-Road Capability

1:00 - Unboxing (that is not our hoverboard charger)
2:18 - Riding the StabilitySaw
3:38 - Off-Road Test

Colors Available

Below are photos of all of the different colors that our 10-inch hoverboard is available in, organized by section.

Orange Flames

Orange Flames 10 Inch Hoverboard

Orange Flame 10 Inch Hoverboard Front

Orange 10 Inch Hoverboard Top View

10 Inch Orange Flame Hoverboard Power Button and Charger Port

10 Inch Orange Flame Hoverboard LED Light

Hip Hop Yellow

Krakken Yellow Hoverboard with Blue Pads

Krakken Yellow Hoverboard with Blue Pads Front

Krakken Yellow Hoverboard with Blue Pads Bottom

Krakken Yellow Hoverboard with Blue Pads Wheel

White Graffiti

10 Inch Hoverboard White Graffiti with Black Pads

White Graffiti 10 Inch Hoverboard Front

White Graffiti 10 Inch Hoverboard Power Button and Charging Port

Carbon Fiber

10 Inch Carbon Fiber Hoverboard

Carbon Fiber 10 Inch Hoverboard Bottom


Unique Features: Inflatable Tires, LED Safety Lights, Bluetooth
Colors: Black Carbon Fiber, Red Flames, Yellow Hip Hop, White Graffiti, Plain White, Plain Red, and Plain Blue
Tire Size: 10 Inches
Top Speed: 11.2 mph / 18 kph
Top Range: 15.5 miles / 25 kilometers
Capacity: 220 pounds / 100 kilograms
Durability: Excellent
Waterproof Rating: IP54
Battery Type: Premium Lithium-Ion
Battery Life: 5-6 Hours
Battery Charge Time: 60-90 minutes until fully charged
Battery Power: 44,000 mAh
Battery Low Indicator: Yes
Motor: 350w x 2
Voltage: 36v
Maximum Slope Angle: 30° degrees
Dimensions: 11" x 27.2" x 11" inches
Self Balancing Scooter Weight: 28 pounds / 12.7 kilograms
Shipping Weight: 32.3 pounds / 13 kilograms


Note: We can only ship batteries & full hoverboards to US addresses in the lower 48. We cannot ship batteries or full boards internationally.

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